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Master Woodcarver

Dudley Carter, the inspiration for our rentals in Redmond, was a homesteader, a renowned artist and wood carver, and a creative character with many friends and fans. He built and lived in Haida House Studio – a post-and-beam structure in what is now Dudley Carter Park, or our backyard.

Famed Artist & Woodcarver

Dudley Carter was an artist who left a distinct and lasting mark on the city of Redmond. We are proud to name this extraordinary building in his honor.

"Dudley Carter is indeed the quintessential North American artist. The man, the geography, the elements coalesce. Nature here is in harmony with man, content to lend herself to human genious."William Bisset, Coast News - June 28, 1982
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The Carter Legacy

Dudley Carter believed in the health benefits of an-apple-a-day and lived a full, active life. He died just one month shy of his 101st birthday. Dudley’s works can be found in museums and private collections across North America.

His granddaughter, Anna Hanson, created the wall carving in the lobby of The Carter.

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