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Apartments Near Redmond Town Center

If there is one place around here that offers pretty much everything you’d need or want, it’s Redmond Town Center. Convenience doesn’t even begin to describe everything this place has to offer. It’s no wonder why apartments near Redmond Town Center are so popular. The Carter on the Park is only half a mile away, and while we offer comfortably chic interior designs, a park as a back yard, modern amenities, a fitness center, and our own serenity garden, you’ll need to leave the grounds for one reason or another.

While for many people, a half a mile is close enough to walk, others may want or need to drive. On the North, South, and West sides of the Town Center, free parking is available for customers (if you can believe it). Got an electric car? Charging stations are available in the lower level of the Central Parking Garage. The center is handicap accessible, and also offers parking spaces for up to 30 bikes. Also, many merchants allow well-behaved pets in their facilities, which is good news for your four-legged family members! Baby changing stations are located in the Family Restrooms, and moms will find a private nursing lounge nearby.

Redmond Town Center is home to just about everything from an accredited private school (Brightmont Academy – grades 6-12) to music stores to a place to get a rental car. Hit up the theater for an afternoon of guaranteed entertainment. Book birthday parties at the various event spaces, shop for school clothes, get your nails done, and take a yoga class all in one afternoon! The Saturday Market is open on Saturdays starting in May and ending in October if you’re interested in fresh eggs, meat, produce and more. There are even medical centers for the whole family, including dental facilities and fitness centers. Pick from one of the 29 different places to get a bite to eat, whether you’re in the mood for standard American fare, ethnic cuisine, or a little something sweet.

Anyone with children knows that kids don’t always have the attention span for shopping trips that adults do, which is why Redmond Town Center also includes a sensory garden play area as well as splash fountain. It’s never hard to find something to do when you live in apartments near Redmond Town Center.

In addition to the convenience The Carter’s residents enjoy living in close proximity to the Town Center, anyone coming to visit you at your Carter apartment has their choice of a hotel room at the Town Center. It’s close to you, and guests will have the freedom to enjoy what this area has to offer right within the plaza without having to depend on you or travel far.

Convenience certainly isn’t everything, but when you combine convenience with comfort, style, and beauty, it’s hard to turn it down. If apartments near Redmond Town Center pique your interest, call today to schedule a tour of The Carter on the Park!

What People Are Saying...

I can’t wait to move into The Carter to use its thoughtfully designed spaces, access Redmond’s innovative vibes, and benefit from its freeway vantage. The Carter team is my dream team!

Lisa R. - Future Carter Resident

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